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Lorne Ray

Sr. Director of International Sales and Marketing
Master Coach 

Lorne is a lifelong friend of Sylvan Learning Centers and founder of FIA Coaching, Berry Fowler. Over the past 4 decades the two of them have forged a business and personal friendship like two brothers. One of Lorne's unique opportunities is to serve as a master business coach in his prison ministry where he literally coaches inmates in maximum security prisons throughout the country. 

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As a lifelong entrepreneur, Lorne has worked in the fields of; franchising, feature film finance, IT, career transition and the medical industry as a marketing strategist. Lorne fell in love with coaching because of his desire to value people and serve them. Coaching in maximum security prisons has inspired Lorne to join forces with Liz Venendaal (one of his personal heroes by the way) and help people to identify their niche as a coach and build a coaching career that can change lives. 

Lorne believes that in the times that we live in today, building a coaching career is the apex of the "gig economy" where people all over the world are looking for results to challenges or objectives in their lives. These challenges are the opportunities that will propel a well trained coach to the top in their market. There is no better or more proven coaching program than FIA on the planet. Lorne is a huge believer in being part of a "success based culture" and the curriculum and community created by Berry Fowler - now taken to the next level by Liz Venendaal, is a huge win for people looking for true financial success in a career fundamentally rooted in helping people flourish in their lives. "Liz is a transformational leader and being part of FIA is a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone considering becoming a coach!"

Lorne lives in Southport, North Carolina with his wife Elisa, a grief counselor and retired real estate professional. Together they have 7 grown children and 10 grandchildren. 

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