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Simply the Best
Value in Professional
Life Coach Training
and Certification
Since 2008

From the founder of Sylvan Learning Centers

Receive your
Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
Credential during the first 20 hours of your training.

CPC course

Fowler International Academy of
Professional Coaching
a global leader in

Life Coach
training and certification
since 2008

Earn a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Credential accepted and respected worldwide in as little as one week and join over 10,000 coaches who are changing clients lives for the better everyday.

"I would recommend this course because it breaks down the myth that courses are expensive and learning is difficult."

D.S. CPC Tennessee
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Over four decades of
proven success - a coach training program created by Berry Fowler, founder
Sylvan Learning
Centers and Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching

Professional Coach Certification with the power
and flexibility you desire.

Whether you are interested in Life and Personal Coaching, Health and Wellness Coaching, Career Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Women's Empowerment Coaching or Any Other Coaching Specialty here are

5 Reasons Why

Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching
is Your Best Choice in Coach Training and Certification 

3 Online Learning Options: Online Home Study, Live Online Class or Individualized 1-to-1 Course  

99% of our

students say

they will recommend

our training to their

friends and family.

Our proven
professional coaching system has a track record of over four decades of success. 
With coaches in over
90 countries, our coaching credential is accepted and
respected worldwide.

Our tuition begins

at only $1697

and we offer


payment options.

99% of our students report they feel completely prepared to begin coaching by the time they graduate.

4 minute video

Schedule a free
no obligation
"Discover Your
Coaching Future"


We will:

  • Answer all of your questions

  • Explain how easy it is for you to become a Certified Coach

  • Help you explore various coaching niches and specialties you may have an interest in

  • Assist you in determining the best course option for you

  • Show you how to get started right away in helping others to change their lives for the better

Certified Professional Coach on phone_edited_edited.jpg

"I would recommend this course to others because of the simplicity and purity of the way it is taught. I also think the price makes it viable and the system can be used as a foundation for any type of coaching. The combination of these elements makes for a great program that can be learned and then used by anyone willing to follow through and step out into the world of coaching.​

The overall experience of the course has provided me with tools, techniques, and training that will jump start my coaching practice. I am excited about meeting potential clients and turning them into real clients. I have never been so prepared to succeed in anything in my life. I have had my passion for helping people rekindled by this program and I know that the growing confidence I have is due to the great system and opportunity you have provided for people that want to make a difference in the world one client at a time. Thank you so much Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching for giving me the foundation I need to succeed!"

B.F. CPC North Carolina

Learn Everything You Need to Launch and Grow Your Successful Coaching Business and Help Others Change Their Lives for the Better.

By the time you graduate, you will know how to:


Establish instant rapport and create a trusting relationship with your clients.

Ask probing and open-ended questions that are key to successful coaching.

Help your clients to create a crystal clear understanding of exactly where they want to go and how incredible life will be once they have achieved success.

Coach your clients in creating detailed plans to achieve their goals and objectives.

Help your clients to overcome roadblocks and limiting beliefs.

Engage your clients in the coaching process while helping them to remain motivated, focused and moving forward.

You will also know:

How to organize and launch your coaching practice.

How to set your coaching fees.

How to identify and find your perfect client.


How to conduct a powerful introductory coaching session to help prospective clients to make the best decision and hire you as their coach.

How to craft a compelling copy explaining the many benefits you offer to your clients.

How to build a professional coach's website designed specifically to attract new clients.

How to fill your sales funnel with qualified potential clients and implement an ongoing relationship-building connection.

How to easily create and distribute powerful messaging to engage clients and grow your coaching revenues.

How to easily create effective promotional materials that elevate you as a thought leader in the profession of coaching.

How to use a variety of proven, real world strategies to attract clients and sell your coaching services.

And so much more!

Finally, by the time you graduate, you will

have mastered a proven professional coaching

system and have gained the knowledge and

acquired the tools, techniques and confidence

to begin coaching right away.

"Life is so busy... a course like this makes it possible for busy people to take the class at their own pace. One night I couldn't sleep for some reason. Rather than just lay in bed staring at the ceiling... I went to class.. smile... I love it. The recordings were very lite hearted and fun. Mr. Fowler has an almost comical yet serious tone to his voice and it made learning fun and easy... and his way of speaking made it feel that I was actually in the classroom with him... I feel very prepared and ready to move forward."
D. M. CPC Pennsylvania

Life Coaching Student .jpg

Our All-Enclusive 46 Hour Professional Coach Training Program Includes These
3 Distinct Course Modules.


Module One




20 Hours

In Module One, you will learn how to coach using a proven professional coaching system that has helped tens of thousands

of individuals all over the world to change their lives for the better. You will earn your Certified Professional "Life" Coach Credential

and be confident and prepared to begin coaching immediately.


Module Two




4 Hours

In Module Two you will receive our Certified Disaster Recovery Coach training. You'll learn how to employ a new set of

coaching tools and exercises to help clients who have had a traumatic experience. In this module, you will earn your second

coaching credential as a Certified Disaster Recovery Coach.


Module Three




 Twenty Four Lessons and Exercises

In Module Three, you will learn 
How to Build a Successful Coaching Business

You will discover a variety of proven, practical and real-world strategies of how to attract your initial clients as you launch, grow and operate your own professional coaching practice.

Tuition Includes the Following

Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Course
Twenty Online Coach Training Video Lessons
Certified Professional Coach Manual
Course Study Guide
Coach's Quick Reference Guide 
Course Handouts
Coaching Tools and Customizable Templates
Ongoing Coaching Session Management Forms
Twenty Hours ICF CCE Credits (
live online and 1-to-1 class)
Free Certified Disaster Recovery Coach (CDRC) Certification Course
(Including all learning materials, exercises and customizable coaching tools)
Twenty Plus Business Building Video Lessons and Exercises 
Digital and Printed Coaching Certificates
Free Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
Lifetime Access to Training Videos
Lifetime Membership in Fowler International's Coaching Community
Free Access to Fowler International's Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
Lifetime Coaching Credential
Unparalleled Telephone and Email Support

"I would recommend this course to others because I feel it is a great training course, especially for the value I received. The materials, access to more information, and the content was well worth the price. The most valuable aspect is learning about the business. I've heard about many coaches struggling to find clients and get started. I feel very prepared to become very successful. I really appreciate the quick response I've received on my queries and the content of this course. I look forward to sharing my journey. Couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you!"

R. D. CPC Illinois

3 Easy Steps
to become a successful
Certified Professional Coach


Choose the Course Option
that best works for you.


Select payment option.


Download learning materials
and coaching tools.

Choose the Learning Option that's right
for you and receive our

Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Course
Certified Disaster Recovery Coach (CDRC) Course
How to Succeed in the Business of Coaching Course
included in your tuition.

Course options
Enoll now home


Self-Directed Online
Video Course

Start Today

Monthly Payment Option

Four payments of


Single Payment Option

Save $200



One-to-One Instruction
On Your Schedule

Monthly Payment Option

Four payments of


Single Payment Option

Save $200




Special Live Online 2 Day
Weekend CPC Classes

March 2 and 3

April 13 and 14

May 4 and 5

June 8 and 9

July 13 and 14

Saturday and Sunday
7am to 5pm Pacific/10am to 8pm Eastern

Monthly Payment Option

Four payments of


Single Payment Option

Save $200



Special Tuition Savings Available for Groups, Nonprofits and Organizations

The Profession of Life Coaching cover copy.jpg

"My husband and I each signed up for the program and we were able to use each other as practice clients. I feel that this added component has really made the course resonate with me. Not only was I learning the coaching skills, but my husband and I were able to spend time talking about our business and personal goals. It was a great opportunity that had two benefits at the same time. More couples should do this together!"

S.A. CPC Missouri

Still Have Questions?

We love answering your questions.
Call: 888 314 0114
Schedule a free
"Discover Your Coaching Future" call
with Berry or one our experienced Master Coaches.

“Although I am just beginning, I do feel prepared to start coaching. This is a very solid, straightforward and understandable guide on how to structure the coaching interviews and continuous coaching. It was fun and enlightening and even if someone does not pursue coaching as a career, it is valuable in giving you tools to improve communication with anyone in your life. I think the big takeaway is learning how to conduct the interview and create a vision statement for the client. I can see how this is crucial to identifying the clients’ goals and giving you structure to go forward, make a plan and take action.”

Coach E. F. MD, CPC  New York

Elizabeth Foxen 3.jpg
Emily Vann_edited.jpg

"In taking this class, I have learned the foundation of coaching and the best strategy to help clients realize their goals. I am equipped with the tools I need to start my practice. The class was fun. In my mind, it solidified that this is my path and what I’m supposed to be doing. You get all of the information you need, along with the resources you need, to start your own practice. All the information was valuable... along with how to start and grow my new practice. I loved it. Amazing class. I feel well equipped to get started." 

Coach E. V. CPC California                                                                                                 

"Yes, I do! I feel like I have had access to essential tools and was able to put all the learning into practice and understand how it all works, so that makes me feel very comfortable. Plus, I believe I also have the more "personal" skills to be a great coach. It is so practical, and I had the chance to put everything into practice and see how it's done...Because it is very straightforward and efficient, I've actually already recommended it to someone close to me.  I think it's a combination of the content itself, the person that is teaching, and of course, having this dynamic of allowing us to put in practice every exercise. I'm happy to have had Felicity as a Master Trainer."                              Coach M. F. CPC Portugal                                             

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