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A Life Coach is

A Life Coach is a trained, caring professional who helps clients achieve their goals and objectives and live a happier, successful and more joy-filled life.


Life Coaches possess the knowledge, techniques, tools and exercises to coach their clients to improve in all aspects of their personal and professional lives including: 




Health and Wellness


Overall Well-Being


Although many Life Coaches focus on a specific coaching specialty or niche they are passionate about, it is not necessary to choose a niche before your training. Many of our students tell us it was during their training they identified the niche they wished to pursue.


By the time you graduate, you will have gained the knowledge to apply what you learned in our course to virtually any coaching specialty you desire. You will be completely prepared to help clients from all walks of life with all types of needs.

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What does a Life Coach do?

A Life Coach collaborates with his or her clients while guiding and supporting them through a journey of discovery.


Life Coaches ask appropriate questions to assist their clients in creating well thought out and detailed plans to move forward in achieving their objectives. Life Coaches employ the proven techniques of professional coaching in helping clients to remain focused, motivated and accountable in taking the necessary action steps to achieve their goals.


Professional Life Coaches and their clients enjoy a successful and longlasting relationship built on trust, integrity and respect.

How long will it take to complete the training and become a Life Coach?

During your research, you have probably read that many coach training programs require three, six, nine months and longer for students to complete their training and earn their coaching certificate.


The majority of our students complete their Life Coach training and earn their (CPC) Certified Professional Coach credential in as little as one to three weeks. However, you may take all the time you need as there is no pressure or deadline.

How much does it cost to become a Life Coach?

Our complete all-inclusive Certified Professional Life Coach training courses begin at only $1697. And, you may choose from our two convenient online class options to earn your Certified Professional Coach (CPC) credential from home.

Home-Study Video Class

Individualized, 1-to-1 Class

How much does a

Life Coach earn?

Research indicates some coaches may charge as little as $35 per (30 to 60 minutes) session, while other coaches receive $300 and more. 


According to a recent Global Coaching Study conducted by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the average annual income for Life Coaches in North America is $61,900.

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