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99% of our over 10,000 students report they feel completely prepared and confident to provide excellent coaching to their clients by the time they graduate.

Here's What Our Grads Are Saying About Our Training

"I would recommend the course! I would love for everyone to experience what it’s like to help others see their dreams turn into their reality. The most valuable aspect of the course is helping us as coaches see our clients through the lens of personal learning styles, personal prose, mirroring and matching and allowing the exchange of shared dreams and professional aspirations. I’ve enjoyed the course and gleaned techniques and strategies to ensure my success as a mentor and life coach."

Coach Pamela, CPC California


"I loved that I was able to learn 1 on 1 - I felt like I got so much out of the experience with Liz. She was very thorough and gave me so much great feedback and many things to think about and consider as I start my journey!  I would absolutely recommend this course. I feel 100% equipped to get started. I feel like I have all the tools that I need to be successful and the support when I have questions! Spending time working through the exercises was the most valuable aspect for me. Being able to work with a real person and actually create meaningful conversation and goals with someone that is able to give me feedback on what I did well and where I can improve was awesome!"

Coach Kristy, CPC Ontario, Canada  

Elizabeth Foxen 3.jpg

“Although I am just beginning, I do feel prepared to start coaching. This is a very solid, straightforward and understandable guide on how to structure the coaching interviews and continuous coaching. It was fun and enlightening and even if someone does not pursue coaching as a career, it is valuable in giving you tools to improve communication with anyone in your life. I think the big takeaway is learning how to conduct the interview and create a vision statement for the client. I can see how this is crucial to identifying the clients’ goals and giving you structure to go forward, make a plan and take action.”

Coach E. F. MD, CPC  New York

"I had a fantastic experience with my practice client and feel that I have a solid understanding of the methods and teachings of this course. I also greatly enjoyed the circle of individual perspective. I find these areas fascinating. I also really appreciated the in-depth lesson on marketing."

L. S. CPC Ontario

"Being one of the Pastors in my church, I was always being asked to provide counseling or some kind of advice one way or another. This course has taught me not to give advice, but rather ask the right questions so the person will be able to pull the answer from within themselves. This has been a priceless revelation. This course has fine-tuned me. I'm also a supervisor and a team of 12. I now have the tools to properly develop them. I love holding workshops and conferences, so I can't wait to use the techniques that I've learned through this course."

V. B. CPC California

​"I feel the most valuable aspect of the course is that I've learned to not only motivate my future client's, but I've also learned how to evaluate my own thought processes, and I now have the tools to motivate myself as well. Thanks for your wonderful program."

J.K. CPC Texas

"Life is so busy..a course like this makes it possible for busy people to take the class at their own pace. One night I couldn't sleep for some reason. Rather than just lay in bed staring at the ceiling... I went to class, smile...I love it. The recordings were very lite hearted and fun. Mr. Fowler has an almost comical yet serious tone to his voice and it made learning fun and easy..ANd his way of speaking made it feel that I was actually in the classroom with him... I feel very prepared and ready to move forward"

D. M. CPC Pennsylvania 

"I am definitely prepared to begin my new career as a life coach. The abundance of knowledge I have accumulated in this classwork has energized me and ignited my passion for helping others. I truly valued the excellent communication from your end of this class. When I had a question at the beginning and then again when I submitted my vision statement, I felt as if there was a real person on the other end of the computer universe who took the time to listen and to give me encouraging feedback. It's easy in a class like this to feel alone, but that was not the case here. Well done and thank you!"  

J. F. CPC Colorado 

​"I really liked the straightforward presentation. Berry is a great communicator and conveyed all the points perfectly. I also like the tools provided, especially the Vision Statement and the Circle of Individual Perspective. I can easily see why they're so effective. The course strikes a nice balance between content and detail. The content is really packed into this training, but the detail is not too overwhelming. This combination facilitates the learning process." 

T.E. CPC Pennsylvania

"I would like to thank you all for your support, your customer service is outstanding. I emailed several times and received answers almost right away. Anne has been incredibly helpful and accommodating. Thank you!"

C.D. CPC New York

"I feel I now have some very valuable tools that I can use to make my coaching business very successful. I also now have a very clear knowledge of what coaching really is and how I can apply this to all my coaching endeavors. I had taken some other courses and I never really felt ready like I do now. Thank you for putting together a course where I had so many aha moments including finding my niche...which I have struggled with for over a year now. I finally feel confident enough to move forward and really get this career rolling!"

C.C. CPC​ Illinois

 "I would recommend this course to others because of the simplicity and purity of the way it is taught. I also think the price makes it viable and the system can be used as a foundation for any type of coaching. The combination of these elements makes for a great program that can be learned and then used by anyone willing to follow through and step out into the world of coaching.​

The overall experience of the course has provided me with tools, techniques, and training that will jump start my coaching practice. I am excited about meeting potential clients and turning them into real clients. I have never been so prepared to succeed in anything in my life. I have had my passion for helping people rekindled by this program and I know that the growing confidence I have is due to the great system and opportunity you have provided for people that want to make a difference in the world one client at a time. Thank you so much Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching for giving me the foundation I need to succeed!"

B.F. CPC North Carolina


"I feel very prepared to provide my clients with excellent coaching. I loved being able to have a practice client to work through the exercises with. And the exercises themselves were excellent, particularly the Circle of Perspective and the very in-depth New Client Interview. The hands-on nature of this course embeds the material within the student and helps the student build confidence by using the tools provided with a real client."

E. H. CPC California

"I do feel prepared to provide excellent coaching. I have a great grasp on, not only the tools and techniques of what it takes to be an outstanding coach, but I also have a great understanding of the "business side" of coaching, too. I have learned, and look forward to practicing, the skills provided in the course.

"I like the learn-at-your-own-pace flexibility. I was able to go back and review things a few more times to help me absorb the information. And, I appreciated the help with the business information. The most valuable aspect is learning about the business. I've heard about many coaches struggling to find clients and get started. I feel very prepared to become very successful."

"I would recommend this course to others because I feel it is a great training course, especially for the value I received. The materials, access to more information, and the content was well worth the price. I really appreciate the quick response I've received on my queries and the content of this course. I look forward to sharing my journey. Couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you!"

R,D, CPC Illinois

"I appreciate that it came with a course guide that I can continue to use. I also like that I can go back and listen to the program whenever I need it. Honestly, I like the time frame I was able to finish it in. It's not that it's short; it's that it is succinct. There is no spoon-feeding and that worked for me. …the instruction sounds like it's coming from a place of care and not just business. That said, I really did appreciate the business advice and plans at the end."

K.L. CPC New York


"I do feel prepared to provide excellent coaching to my new clients. I feel this way because this course just fine tuned my natural abilities and my desire to help others become empowered… I would recommend this course to others because it was easy to understand and take it into practice. Thank you so much for everything! This whole experience has really improved my confidence in myself. I know I will make an awesome coach."

P.H. CPC Texas

"It's one thing to read or view videos about a topic or subject. It's an entirely different situation to put what's learned into practice. I feel very confident that I'll be able to coach many people of various backgrounds and personalities given the confidence developed during the exercises. Having to work with a practice client was very beneficial. I actually chose two practice clients to experience different personalities and learning styles.

Most importantly this course taught me some new things while reminding me of what it is to be a good listener...everyone could use those reminders. I believe this course is a great value and has prepared me well for my exciting new endeavor."

R.W. CPC Wisconsin

"This is a nice, practical program that provides a solid system for communicating with and supporting people in their growth in life. Good forms. Online modules made it convenient; good relative value; simple and concrete. Well organized, easy to grasp concepts and tools that can be put to use immediately in helping people move forward in their life. I think it should be a required course in every high school and college in the world.


A lot of people teach abstract theories. This also offers a system for practical application of the theories. The templates are excellent tools for giving dreams shape and form, calling them forth into reality."

K.B. CPC Pennsylvania

"I enjoyed the content, assignments, and the engagement. The hands-on interaction was phenomenal and rewarding all in the same breath. I am thankful for the opportunity to connect with Fowler International Academy. The team have been supportive and provide impeccable customer service."

A.V. CPC Illinois

"I have been coaching and mentoring teachers, parents, and students for many years. This formal training has given me structure and additional techniques to support more people to take their dreams off the shelf and dust them off. I am excited and motivated to help others to lead their life and not just accept it. Thank you so much for giving a me a lifetime of techniques and support to help others shoot for measurable and sustainable results.

D.T. CPC California

"FIA provided extremely helpful tools to enable me to be an excellent and successful coach. I feel prepared to provide clients excellent coaching, Thank you, this was a wonderful and helpful course,"

A.P. CPC British Columbia

"It is a fast but very effective way to further your career. It has loads of information to offer that will make people an overall better person, even if they were not going to choose the career as a life coach. Nothing to lose!"

C.D. CPC  Arizona


"This program has been great in helping me build on my past success with coaching and show me new techniques and perspectives when dealing with clients. Its the diversity in thought in training that gives me the confidence that I will be able to coach my clients to succeed in their goals!"

N.N. CPC Iowa

"My husband and I each signed up for the program and we were able to use each other as practice clients. I feel that this added component has really made the course resonate with me. Not only was I learning the coaching skills, but my husband and I were able to spend time talking about are business and personal goals. It was a great opportunity that had two benefits at the same time. More couples should do this together!"

S.A. CPC Missouri

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