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Three FREE Life Coaching Business Tools

One huge benefit of building a professional life coaching business is the low start up cost. I tend to be skeptical when anything is free. There’s always a catch, right? When it comes to life coaching, not so much. I utilize some incredible FREE resources on a daily basis that my coaching business could not function without.

Here are my Top 3 FREE Coaching Business Tools that I couldn’t live without:

#3 Canva

I cannot begin to describe how much I love this website. Canva is a graphic design website where you can create anything. Whether you are looking to design a logo, the layout for an e-book or create an eye-catching post on social media, Canva is your one-stop shop. It uses a simple drag and drop format that couldn’t be easier. There are literally thousands of images, graphics and templates up for grabs allowing anyone (and I mean anyone) to produce amazing graphic designs. Visit to check it out!

#2 Google Voice

I assumed that at the very least, I would have to add a second phone line to my account strictly for coaching purposes. I thought wrong! Anyone with a free Google e-mail account also has the ability to create a FREE Google voice account. This is a call forwarding service where you can assign a separate number to your current cellular account. With the Google voice app, you can make and receive calls and texts. You can also accept voice-mails, which you can link to automatically transcribe and be sent to your e-mail account. Having a reliable and easy way for our clients to reach us is a necessity. By using Google voice, you can create your business line in a matter of minutes. See for yourself at

#1 Social Media

Love it or hate is, social media presence has become a vital step in building a business. The world we live in today demands social proof before opting in to buying any goods or services. By utilizing a free social media account, you can begin to brand your business and promote your coaching services. On facebook, a business page allows interested parties to get a sense of who you are, your coaching niche and how your services can benefit them. By utilizing hashtags on social media streams, you can expand your reach and connect to potential clients. For example, if your niche is women empowerment, by simply adding the hashtags #lifecoachforwomen #womenempowerment to your posts, you can appeal to your client pool quickly and easily. There are plenty of social media streams to choose from. The most common can be found at,, and

The bottom line here is, you can believe the hype! It takes very little financial investment to build a coaching practice. Drop a comment and let us know what FREE tools have been helpful for your coaching practice!

FYI - I receive no financial gain for promoting these sites or applications. I have no incentive to do so – other than to see the amazing coaches in our FIA community succeed.

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