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Learn the Most Important Skill You

Were Never Taught in School.

From the founder of Sylvan Learning Centers
our six-hour online program teaches you how to
slay the competition in every job interview.

IntroEDGE™PRO the art and science of the personal introduction.

By the end of our online learning program you'll develop total confidence in your ability to jump ahead of the competition every time and be prepared to deliver a powerful, succinct and totally unforgettable first impression in any interview situation.

From job interviews and presentations to professional and social gatherings, introduction skills can make the difference between a success and failure.


You will learn:

  • To identify, organize and present your personal and professional strengths

  • How to recognize and verbalize your unique passions, talents and gifts

  • How to prioritize and clearly articulate your current and future goals and objectives

  • to utilize proven and effective tools, techniques and methodologies to gain a distinct advantage over others in virtually every type of interview


To fully appreciate the power and effectiveness of IntroEDGE all one needs to do is watch the before and after videos from our students.



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