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FIA's HOPE Global Community Coaching Initiative and Scholarship Program was created and funded by Anne and Berry Fowler to award Certified Community (Life) Coach training scholarships to non-profit organizations whose mission is to improve the lives of others in their local communities. 

Why Scholarships?
Because we believe together we can change the world by
strengthening individuals, families, and communities through the powerful and proven tools and techniques of life coaching.


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Interview with FIA Founder Berry Fowler

Urgent Message at a Time of Need

We are in unprecedented times as together we face this world-wide pandemic. Our current reality is one that requires social-isolation and uncertainty surrounds us. What will be required to restore our communities in the weeks and months to come remains unknown. 


What remains clear, more-so now than ever, is the impact that one single person can have on the life of another. The evidence of that has been plastered across headlines and newspapers. As we absorb what this means for each of us and our communities, I ask that you remember this...


There is always HOPE. The gravity of our human connection places each of us in the powerful position to leave a positive impact. When equipped with the knowledge and tools needed, YOU can lead the charge for the recovery efforts in your local community.


Though we may be isolated, we remain tethered to the heart of our communities. This is where you can make a profound difference. Coaching is all about helping people change their lives for the better. As a Certified Community Coach, you will be fully trained to help your neighbors and community members restart and rebuild their lives. You'll coach them to focus on the future and develop well-articulated plans to get their lives back together. You'll provide support, hope and guidance to people who are in desperate need of your help. Your unselfish efforts will not only change the lives of those you coach, it will change your life as well.

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"Being a Community Life Coach is not just about helping others but also being able to help yourself. As I prepared to make a difference in the lives of others, I overcame one of the largest challenges I faced because I now have the tools to help me get through the journey."
Deion F., CPC, CCC, Graduate, Toronto

Our online video Community "Life" Coach course makes it easy for our students to earn a Coaching Certificate from home, on

their own schedule, at their own pace in as little as four days.