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In addition to our core Certified Professional "Life" Coach Course
We offer the following certification courses
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Business and Executive
Leadership Coach Training
Young Accountant

Our Partner Organization

The Fowler School of Business and Executive Coaching offers you the most effective, convenient and complete way to become a Certified Master Business Coach (MBC) or Certified Executive Leadership Coach (CELC) from home.

HOPE Community Coach
Training & Scholarships
Team Hugging

Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching's Certified Community Coach Scholarship Program was created and funded by Anne and Berry Fowler. Our goal is to award life coach training scholarships to people with a genuine desire to provide pro-bono coaching to individuals, families and support groups in their local communities.

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Certified Group Leader Coach Course
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Learn how to accelerate your personal revenues by adding group coaching to your professional coaching services. Group coaching allows clients who may not be able to easily afford your one-to-one coaching fees to enjoy life-changing coaching at your group rate. During the course, you master the tools and techniques to become a powerful group leader. It’s a win for all and you’ll thoroughly love this dynamic approach to coaching multiple clients in a group setting.

We Live Without Limits

Recognized as one of the world's only professional life coach training programs created by people with disabilities, taught by people with disabilities, exclusively for people with disabilities.

We Live Without Limits initiative is a customized training experience dedicated to shining a bright light on the strengths that lie within those who may be perceived as limited.

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