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Momentum Vault

Whether you're a FIA Coach or thinking about becoming a Coach, join our weekly Momentum Vault Master Class. Classes held every Monday throughout the year.

Starting July 1st

Presented by Lorne Ray,
Sr. Director of  Sales

As a lifelong entrepreneur, Lorne has worked in the fields of; franchising, feature film finance, IT, career transition and the medical industry as a marketing strategist. Lorne fell in love with coaching because of his desire to value people and serve them.

 How Momentum Will Work 


New Client Acqistion


Closing Clients


Servicing Clients


Client Referrals

Each week, we will dive deep into one of these four key areas. At the end of each four-week cycle, we'll harness the momentum and revisit these topics with fresh, impactful content, ensuring continuous growth and transformation through our Momentum Vault Coaching Program.

Message from the CEO:

"When people ask me, as the new CEO of FIA Coaching, what is different about the FIA culture with you at the helm. My answer is simple; MOMENTUM.

Being born with a disability, I learned early on in life that I had to create even more momentum if I was going to succeed. My crutches truly became the pole vaults that propelled me to success and now more than anything,
I want to share the VAULT with you.

Welcome to Momentum."

Why Momentum Vault?

First: It’s all about MOMENTUM…the more momentum you have…the more the doors of opportunity are going to open!


Second: We are going to open the VAULT and focus on; customer acquisition, closing clients, serving clients and ramping up the referrals!


Third: You are going to learn to practice and develop momentum in these four areas above and become a true outlier as a coach. Yes, an hour every Monday morning completely focused on “BIG MO!” But; in areas critical to your coaching practice!


Fourth: You will become a MASTER in understanding momentum, how to create, sustain and use it to ignite your vision, activate your faith in coaching, utilize your coaching systems more efficiently and sustain momentum by empowering your GRIT!

Last but not least, if you are just thinking about becoming a coach, joining Momentum Mondays will be the most affordable way for you to get a taste for coaching, to interact with other real-life coaches and learn the key skills necessary to make money helping people improve their lives. 

Don't Miss Out! Join the Momentum Vault Now! "Mo Mondays" Begin July 1st.

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