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Owner and CEO Fowler International Academy

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Mary Ann Hill is an internationally recognized professional who has devoted her entire career to helping others. She is a Certified Master Coach and Master Trainer and a highly engaging motivational speaker and teacher who has traveled the world sharing her inspirational insights about the power of coaching and helping others to live a more joy filled, successful and abundant life.


Mary holds a bachelor’s degree in human services counseling, a master’s in human services counseling/life coaching and has over twenty years of experience in social work and case management.


In 2017, Mary joined Fowler International, launched her own successful coaching practice and became a FIA Certified Master Coach, Certified Master Trainer, Certified Professional Coach, Certified Disaster Recovery Coach, and Certified Community Coach.


Since then, Mary has trained hundreds of FIA Certified Professional Coaches as well as directed FIA trainings on military bases across America. She also created the hugely successful Tuesday Morning Coaches Coffee Connection, a weekly support group open to all FIA graduates.

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